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Country/ Town: Czech Republic, Brno
Topic: Multimedia



There is a need for positive media coverage for minorities and if this is how self-expression can be granted for young-artists, especially for those in Roma minorities, then Media Voice is definitely going to be there, speaking and advocating for this right. Media Voice becomes in this sense a production company which behaves as a social enterprise and which believes that film can bring a positive change into the lives of Roma people. Through documentary production, this project creates a space of expression for those who are not heard in society and struggles to make Roma voice known into the public space, usually by bringing upfront topics that are put aside in general media.

”We are the voice of the invisible.”

The aim

In the beginning of Media Voice, there was a young student and her dream to set up a production company. Talented Romani filmmaker and photographer, Vera Lacková surrounded herself with young people with different cultural backgrounds and gave them a well deserved support to fully develop their potential. The aim, for Vera and naturally for Media Voice, was to show that multicultural cooperation serves not only for mutual understanding and preventing conflicts but is a valuable source of inspiration. What a better method of transforming these ideas into practice then by creating quality media content for NGOs, business and governmental organizations, soon becoming the main activities of Media Voice.



This period of time was full of media courses for young Roma and non-Roma people who wanted to pursue a career in this domain or were simply interested in Multimedia topics.

People started to come inside the office of Media Voice to enroll in the programme that provides internships for young Roma and non-Roma people. The program still continues.

Video production work, especially promo and event videos, closely followed by videoclips.

Media Voice started to work on a documentary film project named How I became partisan: a film which displays the autobiographical search of Roma filmmaker Vera Lacková for her own roots. Also, it is her feature documentary debut with a premiere planned for the year 2020

Important people

and resources

Camilo Antonio is a poet, performer, scientist, long-time employee of the United Nations and provides to Media Voice expertise in many directions

“First of all, Camilo is a very important person who helped us to transform our dreams into reality. We are happy that we can learn from his long-year experience in the area of social enterprise development. ” (Media Voice team)

Jakub Červenka, film producer and director of the production company Bedna Films

“A person who supported and inspired us to develop our documentary project. Jakub provides us with advices in production, financing, law and grant opportunities. We are so grateful for his advices and vision.” (Media Voice team)

Jan Gogola ml., film director, dramaturg, FAMU educator, publicist and collaborator at the Institute of Documentary film in Prague

“He recently became dramaturg of our documentary film How I became a partisan. He helps us to develop our visions in a good direction and it’s our honour to work with him.” (Media voice team)


Not only that Media Voice succeeds to have a responsabile social profile with multicultural workforce, including Roma, Armenian and Slovakian, but also, the project created promo and event videos for the most important Roma organization and events in EU: ERGO, Museum of Romani culture in Brno, Ghettofest, etc.

Other achievements include

April, 2016: Media Voice held its official opening party;
May, 2017: Media Voice began the cooperation with European Roma Grass Roots Organisation in Brussels;
December, 2017: Audiovisual Fund from Slovakia became a partner of Media Voice



Even if Media Voice encountered obstacles on the way, the project always had a intrinsic motivation that could be summarised exactly with these words:

Obstacles are just another way to learn. They are challenges for us in a positive manner, because – as one quote says: life isn’t about waiting the storm to pass, but about learning how to dance in the rain.” (Vera Lacková, executive director)


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