FAST & Eematico
Discovery Center for Disadvantaged Teens

Eematico and FAST have known each other since the beginnings of the EFRoPa Partnership. Mutual interest in each others’ activities has been constant ever since, with some ideas already being tossed around about possible collaborations. In 2017, the ideas about a collaboration became true after FAST opened in Săcele its first vocational discovery centre for disadvantaged teens and youngsters and after eematico has grown to a critical mass its knowledge and expertise in hands-on educational design and activities.

From then on, the aim, for both eematico and FAST, was to nurture basic technical skill development and engagement for the activities they are creating, while making their programs available to as many children as possible, especially the ones who can’t afford or have no access to it yet.

The synergy brings eematico’s deposit of knowledge, curricular design and educational materials in a place build by FAST, looking together to fulfil their goal of finding new ways to spread some of that know-how among the people who need it most.



The first step was done by FAST and its plan to bring around 150 children in their new centre for several various vocational discovery activities, so eematico picked up on this and built upon it a larger plan: hands-on educational kits that FAST could use as a way of warming up the kids in their programs.

What if we would deliver such kits but instead of having just a simple transaction we would be delivering them ourselves in a workshop that would transfer the knowledge to use them, in an experiential way, directly to the teachers from FAST?” (the eematicons)

After pondering on how this synergy would work and how to make things relevant, FAST and eematico thought that they should create together a programme which is coherent, as balanced as possible and as relevant as possible for the young people who will soon be involved in the process. Therefore, they went beyond a simple series of DIY kits for the children and created a healthy mix of activities: hands-on discovery, structured DIY, unstructured DIY, teamwork and creativity. Some of them include kits and some would have a set of reusable materials that would allow for activities more oriented toward group interaction. All activities will be conducted on the basis of eematico educational design of a coherent curriculum, with eematico’s methodology of training applied in the FAST context.

What’s also important, is that a special emphasis will be placed on generating an appropriate context for the students to give feedback on their experiences and even evaluating their own progress.

The People


  • 150 teen students coming to the FAST centre in 2017
  • The FAST trainers that will gain knowledge and know-how from eematico. This will be useful for many more series of children coming at the FAST centre and has an expected long term impact
  • Future groups of teen students who will inherit the materials for the group activities and the already gained knowledge of teachers
  • FAST and eematico team members will continue to support each other in their activities, proving that a synergy is not only possible, but brings the best solutions for helping disadvantaged young people