The Model

“Sustainability is an orientation, not a destination.”


How did the Roma Partnership Project come to life? It is in fact:

A programme supporting social enterprise development in Roma communities, creating education for livelihoods programmes, stimulating income generation activities and bringing into discussion community development linked to social entrepreneurship development, creating models for the inspiration within the programme and the wider entrepreneurship community.


One of the specificity of the program is its MIX

  • The ideas and initiatives are identified by the NGOs rooted in the Roma communities
  • They are implemented locally through know-how transfer and creative synergies, with the contribution of the programme manager, the SIMPACT team, the pro bono experts, consultants and experts, Roma and non-Roma are working together in a complementary system.
  • The stewardship of the programme is embedded in the ERSTE Foundation with emphasis on the human factor, the close cooperation with project partners and support given by the Project Manager


The cycle of development was designed to accommodate the development of the Social Economy initiatives, but also its maturity

comprehensive years

years of grant giving with setting of the plans for developing the Social Economy
maturity years with the phasing out and future planning for sustainability


The Roma Partnership project is the result of a holistic approach.

Community development -> Social enterprise initiatives identification -> Social enterprise testing and consolidating -> Creative industries micro-loans/bridge loans/ financial services/ social banking.

The aim was to accompany the communities on the long run, closely working with the local groups – Roma and non-Roma together in an inclusive learning environment.